Equipment to be Discontinued

The majority of module in the PREP pool were acquired in the 1970s and 80s. Many modules are at or past their expected lifetimes and some are becoming difficult to maintain or repair. As we determine we cannot support specific modules or we see no interest in their use, we try to inform any users who have the modules checked out and begin to excess the modules in our possession.

Unsupportable modules being excessed as they fail

  • BLP 1011 NIM crate power supplies - Lower power than our 'standard' NIM crate supply.

Modules actively being excessed

  • Lecroy HV4032 High Voltage Supply - These are unreliable, difficult to repair and some parts are unobtainable.
  • Lecroy PCOS system - These were rarely used at Fermilab and
  • Nano N-277 Amplifiers - While popular some parts are unobtainable.

Excessed in the past

  • 9U VME-P modules 2010.
  • Fastbus crates and modules in 2005

For more information, send mail to: PREP