July 2014

Welcome to the PREP Users group.PREP is a service organization, and we hope that with improved communication we can better serve the users.Therefore, we have created a mailing list of all people who have equipment checked out from PREP to keep you apprised of news such as changes to the policy or to the pool.The PREP program is in a state of flux as we continue the evolution from supporting first the fixed-target program and then the Tevatron to support for new efforts in HEP.Communication is a two-way process.Please let us know how we can serve you better by sending e-mail to have a modest budget for new equipment and would greatly appreciate suggestions for what we could buy that can be of use.While we are looking for equipment that is not so specialized that it would be used only once, telling us what you need for upcoming activities can help us plan what we should be buying.

Help You Help Us

Over the years many modules checked out from PREP have not been returned.Typically, equipment gets scavenged from one experiment to be in a test stand or saved in a closet for a rainy day.The problem with users hoarding equipment is that a module will not available when others need it.We have critical shortages of a few types of modules and would be greatly helped if they were returned.Also, it is difficult to understand what level of ready spares to have when we know that many of the issued modules are not in active use.Therefore, we are asking users to return PREP equipment that is not regularly being used.This is true of equipment that is checked out to you or may have been left in your work area by an earlier user.

In order to help us keep up our records, please check what equipment is checked out to you here

Please make an effort to locate equipment on the report and inform us of the current location of the equipment.All equipment is referenced by the property number which may be found either on a small yellow bar-code sticker, on a metal sticker, or etched into the front panel of a module.

Changes to the Pool

  • CAMAC:
    • We plan to limit support for Camac controllers to Weiner USB CC-USB interfaces and Jorway 73 SCSI interfaces.We propose to excess all A-1 (branch highway) and L-2 (serial) controllers as well as CBD-8210 VME-Camac interfaces.These older types of controllers are difficult to program and maintain.The USB controllers do not require special computer interfaces and are well-suited to test stands and small experiments.SCSI controllers can be used for installations of a larger number of crates.Anybody who foresees a need for branch highway or serial controllers and wishes to object to the plan should contact us at All DART and PCOS modules have already been discarded.
  • VME:
    • Support will be dropped for older VME CPUs including MVME 162, 167, and 2600 processors as well as some even older equipment.PREP also has a number of Bit3 VME/PC interfaces.We don’t believe these to be in use at the lab except for legacy test stands.If you have need for Bit3 interfaces from PREP, please contact us so we can form a plan on their future support.
  • High Voltage:
    • Support has been terminated for LeCroy 4032 systems.We have absorbed into the pool Caen SY527 and SY127 systems from CDF.All of these are not yet entered in the database, but please be aware that these can be available if they fit your needs.
  • National Instruments:
    • As use of NI systems has increased at the lab, we are working to add support of them through PREP. The highest priority is for generally useful equipment such as chassis, interfaces, or modules with wide application.Please send your suggestions on this issue to


If you have test and measurement equipment that you are no longer using and think that others may find it of value, please contact PREP, and we will determine whether it is appropriate to add to the pool.