After-Hours Access

For emergency equipment issues or exchanges after normal business hours (M-F 8:00-4:30), contact Security x3414. A security officer will be dispatched to allow you access to the stock area and help you through the withdrawal process. Procedure books with detailed information (PPI-215) and helpful tips are available for viewing in room FCC/1/131-VAULT.
  How to find the equipment you need

A small amount of most of the equipment supported by PREP is located on the shelves (Ready for Issue stock only) in room FCC/1/131-VAULT.

Recording your withdrawal

The Security officer will ensure that the emergency withdrawal log is completed for each piece of equipment withdrawn. It is imperative that we have a means of contacting you should there be questions. Please also send an email to so that the managers can expedite your repair and ensure adequate spares are available for all users.