Off-site Use

PREP equipment can be lent for for use outside of Fermilab. Use in support of Fermilab experiments requires approval of laboratory management. Other domestic uses require approval of the DOE site office which can usually be obtained in a few days. Foreign loans require approval from DOE headquarters which can take several weeks. Therefore, please time your request accordingly. In some cases, equipment can be taken off site for less than 30 days using a Property Pass. Please contact the PREP staff if you wish to use this process.

Equipment is issued for use on the experiment or activity specified on the request and at the location indicated on the request. You may not move this equipment to another location or allocate it to a different purpose without authorization. Please contact the PREP staff well in advance to secure the required authorizations. This may require DOE approval. Also, if you will stop working on the activity for which the equipment is being issued, please designate a new loan contact at your institution and contact the PREP staff.

All off-site loans are made for a one year period but are renewable with approval. We will contact you two months before the end of your loan. At that time we ask that you either return equipment you no longer need or inventory the equipment on your loan (verifying the property inventory number on each item) and request an extension of your loan. The DOE has strict rules about property accounting, so your timely action on the renewal process helps insure that PREP can continue to serve the HEP community with a vigorous off-site loan program.

Requests for equipment should be made using the online form. Please check the catalog to find available equipment. Equipment listed as "Ready for Issue" can usually be picked up within a day. Items listed as "Returned from User" have not be checked by our technicians, so we cannot assure their function. Typically it can take a week or two to get items in that status tested. For urgent needs, we can issue untested items. If you anticipate needing a large quantity of equipment, please submit your request early.

All shipping costs are to be paid the the borrower. Either you can provide an account number for FedEx or UPS on the request form, or you can pick up equipment at the PREP counter and arrange transportation.