Onsite Use

PREP equipment can be issued to any Fermilab employee or user for use on the Fermilab site subject to the approval of the PREP manager. While there is no time limit on on-site loans, please be considerate of others and return equipment that you are not actively using. Requests for equipment should be made using the online form. Please check the catalog to find available equipment. Equipment listed as "Ready for Issue" can usually be picked up within a day. Items listed as "Returned from User" have not be checked by our technicians, so we cannot assure their function. Typically it can take a week or two to get items in that status tested. For urgent needs, we can issue untested items. Also, in-stock items can be obtained 24/7 for urgent needs of running experiments by following our Off-Hours Procedure. If you anticipate needing a large quantity of equipment, please submit your request early.

If you move equipment to a different location on the Fermilab site or change its use to a different experiment or activity, please notify the PREP staff so we can keep our records up to date. Also, if you stop working on the activity for which the equipment has been issued please identify a new custodian and notify the PREP staff. Please remember to return the equipment when you are no longer using it so it will be available to others.

PREP equipment cannot be removed from the Fermilab site without prior authorization. If you need to take equipment off-site, please contact the PREP staff well in advance to secure the required authorizations. This may require DOE approval which can take several weeks.